Hybisae - Look What You've Done To Me (vinyl)
  • Hybisae - Look What You've Done To Me (vinyl)
  • Hybisae - Look What You've Done To Me (vinyl)
  • Hybisae - Look What You've Done To Me (vinyl)

Hybisae - Look What You've Done To Me (vinyl)

28.00 CHF

12" pink/magenta vinyl - limited edition

Format: Vinyl

“Look What You’ve Done To Me" is a strong album that expresses the band's pressing need to show their limits, positive or negative, which can be as much emotional as physical. Hybisae having grown up together and created their own strong identity, which come together to create this common universe allows them to put forward in "Look What You’ve Done To Me" all the nuances that this game of limits can have. It's a delicate balance that has to be found, which can always be put at risk. Hence the beauty of it all.

The six tracks on the album are sometimes rock, sometimes disco, with an electro-pop/hyperpop base and a guiding line: mainstream pop. The duo always compose with this in mind, especially in terms of the structure of the tracks. Catchy refrains, heady melodies, deep or lighter themes, very direct or subliminal lyrics, they captivate the listener and directly set the rhythm and the will of the duo: to make people move while transmitting a message.


Hybisae are Prinn Sae & Mae Sae
All songs written, recorded and produced by Hybisae
Mixed by Josué Salomon at Glaucal Studio
Mastered by Grégoire Pasquier
Photography by Michael Gabriele
Vinyl layout design by Nathan Jucker
Executive production by Etienne Bel

Label: Blizzard Audio Club


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