Remove - Deal With It (vinyl)
  • Remove - Deal With It (vinyl)
  • Remove - Deal With It (vinyl)

Remove - Deal With It (vinyl)

35.00 CHF

12" very limited edition picture disc vinyl of Remove's "Deal With It" album.

Format: Vinyl

“Deal With It”, or pure risk-taking. Remove truly reveals himself with this album, being naked, without any protection. Hyperpop, ironic post-pop and over-feminine popularized by artists, such as SOPHIE or Charlie XCX, is manipulated here with kicks and electronic instrumentals. A 10-tracks that sounds like a middfle-finger to those who would mock the preferences and freedom of others. “Let’s All Sing Together” resonates like a hymn to unity. Not in naivety, but in full awareness of a transgender world ready for change. In this album, Remove reveals two faces of his artistic personality: the shiny side, and the squeaky side. The first can be savored in the sweet synths of “If I Wasn’t This” or in the guitar solo and the piano riffs of “Anthem For Haters”. On another side, we discover Remove in the dark and absolute tension of “Anxiety”, in the disabused lyrics of “SMD”, in the massive drums arrangements of “Snake Plissen”. 

An album that can boast to have a deep identity, in which saturated violence and candid hope wonderfully coexist.


All songs written and produced by Remove
Mixed by Josué Salomon
Mastered by Kevin Galland at Studio Mécanique, La Chaux-de-Fonds
Artwork & cover design by Patak
Kindly supported by XXXX
Special thanks to Glaucal, SAS Delémont, Baby Volcano family, Etienne,  Marion, Nathan, Jek, Fox, Noémie, Marti, Caro, Raphaël, Kevin, Noémie, Paco.


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