Blizzard Audio Club is an independent electronic-driven music label created around the ambition to release LPs, cassettes and all other kinds of sound formats. The label based in La Chaux-de-Fonds also aims to be a crutch for artists during the production of their work, as well as a promotion and visibility platform for them.

Founded in 2018 in the associative form, BAC can also be considered as a bunch of friends; everyone tugging at their skills.

Besides the seven members of the committee, the «Club» expands more and more with new members and releases progress, with artists such as E&A RüegerCORPS PURPavelHYPER OPALAntonello TeoraEtienne Machine or Senar. The «Audio» part of the acronym won’t fool anybody: the label is here to make music. As to the «Blizzard», it is not a question here of pushed and wacky etymology, but indeed of the musical anchor point, of the very own identity of the label. A textured blast which takes its resources in electronica, ambient and breaks, but also in trip-hop, indie rock, downtempo or even hip-hop.

The blizzard is an affirmed phenomenon, that does not care about boundaries.