Etienne Machine - Off & Off (CD)
  • Etienne Machine - Off & Off (CD)
  • Etienne Machine - Off & Off (CD)

Etienne Machine - Off & Off (CD)

15.00 CHF

CD of Etienne Machine's "Off & Off" album

Format: CD

Human or machine, a duality evoking 21st century’s spleen and melancholy where feelings and sensations confront electronic sequences and saturated guitars. A confrontation between instinct and reason.

Result of more than a year of work, « Off & Off » turns the EP’s page to focus on larger scale projects. The LP is the mirror of the band’s recent years and marks Etienne Machine’s first physical release.

Homonymous opposition, « Off & Off » takes place through the voices of Emile Schaffner and Justine Tornay, proclaiming emergency and tension on titles like « Selfspace » and « RIFT (Erased Your Face) » or elegance and relief on « Alarms » and « Membrane ». Six tracks where analogic synthesizers dance with guitars, where drum machine matches rhythms, giving birth to a hybrid and united piece of music.

OUT on Blizzard Audio Club - March 2021

All songs written, composed and produced by Etienne Machine

Etienne Machine are: Arno Cuendet, Julien Palluel Kochnitzky, Justine Tornay, Maic Anthoine, Mathieu Nuzzo, Thibault Besuchet

Vocals on « Selfspace », « Crocodiles » and « Membrane » by Emile Schaffner

Mix : Alexis Sudan (ass.: Marco Ballerini, Stéphane Rezzadore) - A.K.A Studio

Mastering : John Davis - Metropolis Studios

Vinyl layout & Graphism : Etc Design, Stéphan Nappez and Simon Jodry

Special Thanks to Sacha Ruffieux, Etienne Bel, La Machinerie, … and the many people surrounding us. 


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