HYPER OPAL - A light Speed (vinyl)
  • HYPER OPAL - A light Speed (vinyl)
  • HYPER OPAL - A light Speed (vinyl)

HYPER OPAL - A light Speed (vinyl)

18.00 CHF

12" Vinyl of HYPER OPAL's "A Light Speed" album. Pressed in classic black.

Format: Vinyl

Composed in late 2019, "A Light Speed" is a dialog between the human-made messyness that spreads out and the will to be naive, playful, having no script.

It expresses HYPER OPAL's search for reconciliation with mankind, the search and establishment of an inner compass that guides them and makes them independent and self-reliant. They accept their dark side and give it space, but protect their inner child, whose instincts are uncorrupted and who does not tolerate compromises.

OUT on Blizzard Audio Club - September 2020

Photography : Manuel Miethe

Mix : Yannis Papakonstantinou

Mastering : Kamil Sarkowicz

Vinyl layout & Graphism : Simon Jodry

Special thanks to Stephen, Maria & Gilles Brusson


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