CORPS PUR - ST ESPRIT (cassette)
  • CORPS PUR - ST ESPRIT (cassette)
  • CORPS PUR - ST ESPRIT (cassette)

CORPS PUR - ST ESPRIT (cassette)

15.00 CHF

One flap audio cassette tape covered with CORPS PUR’s “ST ESPRIT” artwork.

Format: Cassette

Composed during the first quarter of 2020 (in the midst of the sanitary crisis due to the COVID-19), “ST ESPRIT” gives a series of organic panels with lo-fi textures.

Through the 9 titles of the work, CORPS PUR leads a dance sometimes dark, sometimes ethereal. A return to a more human production, which finds a new soul in imperfection, idealized between rage and melancholia.

OUT on Blizzard Audio Club - June 2020.

Photography : Michael Gabriele

Art graphism : CORPS PUR


Mastering : Kamil Sarkowicz

Cassette layout & graphism: Simon Jodry


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