Pavel - Busy Being Broken (vinyl)
  • Pavel - Busy Being Broken (vinyl)
  • Pavel - Busy Being Broken (vinyl)

Pavel - Busy Being Broken (vinyl)

30.00 CHF

Double 12" Vinyl of Pavel's "Busy Being Broken" album. Pressed in electric blue vinyl.

Format: Vinyl

Written and produced from fall 2017 to spring 2019, "Busy Being Broken" reveals Pavel's potential, through the 13 tracks that the double LP offers.

The album takes its inspiration from a tragic event: the loss of a very close friend, ending on a period of frustration and sadness. However, it also reflects the healing process, the one allowing to go forward without forgetting. The ambivalence finds itself in the project soul, balancing between ambient coldness, fevered melancholy and positive endings.

OUT on Blizzard Audio Club - October 2019.

Graphism : Valentin Sieber

Photography : Michael Gabriele

Mastering : Kamil Sarkowicz

Special thanks to : Nestor, Nicolas, Valentin, Mirco, Marie, Tidiane & everyone else involved in the project.

Dedicated to the living & the dead.


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