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E&A Rüeger - Midnight Sun (Pavel Reworks) (digital)
  • E&A Rüeger - Midnight Sun (Pavel Reworks) (digital)

E&A Rüeger - Midnight Sun (Pavel Reworks) (digital)

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Digital version of E&A Rüeger's "Midnight Sun (Pavel Reworks)" EP. You can buy the full EP or any song individually.

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Music: Full release (WAV)

In 2018, brother's duo E&A Rüeger released their debut EP "Midnight Sun". It was composed of three electronica-driven's original tracks + one remix. They asked their friend Etienne Bel (aka Pavel) to do the job. He created three versions of the remix, and the "Bliss" version was chosen to be part of the EP.

In 2023, Pavel re-discovered the two other versions and wanted to give them a new life. He thus reworked them and proposed a proper release on Blizzard Audio Club for these two forgotten versions.

"Raw Version" is a highly saturated lo-fi track, with bouncy and heavy distorted kicks. Powerful and... raw.

"Acidpella Version" is the ambient transcription of the first one. A beatless audio synonym which gives an acidic poetic perspective of E&A Rüeger's original work.


Original song ("Midnight Sun") written & produced by Eric & Alexis Rüeger
Remixes composed and mixed by Etienne Bel
Cover design by Lila Thiébaud
Mastering by Steven Streiff

Label: Blizzard Audio Club


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